Erockster and

Novo site de música, da Clear Channel:

” Clear Channel Radio launched a new music site — erockster ( Aimed at 13- to 34-year-olds, it’s an eclectic mix of classic and indie rock, soul, dance and hip-hop (…) In addition to the streaming player, listeners also can use an on-demand feature and choose individual songs or entire CDs. It also will have an on-air presence, with plans for a weekly two-hour syndicated radio program in the works. And it will broadcast as one of Clear Channel’s many HD multicast channels. (…)” [ler]

Projecto da CBS:

“CBS will launch, a music streaming service where users can indicate who their favorite artists are and get a customized playlist of similar music they may like. users will be able to choose from a selection of icons representing different artists.” [ler]

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