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“Transistor kills the radio star?”

a partir da publicação RAIN

RADIO NEXT STUDY: 38% OF RADIO LISTENING IS INTERNET, SATELLITE, OR CABLE RADIO”: According to the Radio Next study, released today at RAIN’s Las Vegas Summit, 38% of time spent listening to “radio” is via delivery modes other than terrestrial AM and FM broadcasts. That is, listening to satellite radio, cable radio, Internet-only webcasts, online simulcasts of AM/FM programming and podcasts accounted for well over a third of the total time spent with radio among respondents. Sponsored by Solutions Media Group, Ando Media, and this publication, the study also indicates all of online streaming (Net-only webcasters plus AM/FM streams) accounts for 16% of total radio listening (split evenly between the two); satellite radio and cable radio each account for 11%. Given that the study was conducted online and based on self-reporting, “the results are certainly a bit more ‘ahead of the curve’ than we’d see today in a study of the general population as a whole,” RAIN publisher and research vet Kurt Hanson admitted. “Nonetheless these results can certainly be considered a bellwether of where radio is headed in the near future.” And while AM/FM listening levels may be declining year to year, when growth of other modes of radio listening are taken into account, “listening to radio in all of its forms is almost certainly growing significantly,” Hanson also said. Read more about the Radio Next study here and here.


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