El futuro del periodismo está en la tecnología y los usuarios: “… escenario futuro donde la tecnología y los ciudadanos van por delante del periodismo”.

Fonte: Periodistas 21 [ler]

Musicians take social networking into their own hands: “.. The social networking component gives fans a reason to hang out on a site and visit more often than they would a standard Web site”.

Fonte: Reuters [ler]

Podcasting audience to hit 50 million: “That’s one projection: By 2010 we’ll have 50 million folks listening to podcasts.”

Is terrestrial radio missing the Internet radio boat?: “…40% of those who had listened to Internet radio said they tuned in a specialized Internet Radio site, compared to only 25% or less for any of the other options”.

Fonte: Hear 2.0 [ler]

Hear 2.0 [ler]


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