40 anos de Radio Four (BBC)

Para celebrar os quarenta anos de emissões da Radio Four, vai ser publicado “Life on Air: A History of Radio Four” por David Hendy, autor também de “Radio in the Global Age” (2000).

Sobre a Radio Four, destaco uma passagem do Weblog da Universidade de oxford, onde se fala sobre as razões da longevidade e sucesso da estação.

How on earth has it survived so long? How on earth, indeed, has it survived so well?

In one respect the answer’s simple: by changing. It’s done so organically and by stealth, always alive to public mood yet moving in the slipstream rather than the vanguard. Think of it as a garden, ingeniously cultivated to blend the new imperceptibly with the old. Yet even if change has been largely evolutionary, there have also been the inevitable moments which singularly captured a striking shift in direction or gear and very often acted as lightning rods for barely-suppressed anxieties in the country at large.” [Ler post completo]


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