Beszélesz Európa? . Falas Europa? . Ãîâîðèø Åâðîïó? . Parlez-vous Europe? . Kas te räägite Euroopa? . Mluví. Evropa? . ÌßëÜôå Åõñþðç? . Do you speak Europe?

EuropaRadio-Day at Radio CORAX

Radio CORAX is hosting a European radio project which will take place on Friday, October 5th, in Halle. EuropaRadio consists of a 24 hours-radio programme which has a focus on European issues and European networking. This can mean: Live shows edited by other European community radios, streams, on air-conferences, programme sharing …  possibly including each radio format and technical constellation. We would like to offer:

. Information on Europe, Talks and features on European issues,

. Multilingual programme with and without translation,

. Common live shows of several radios together, Live programme coming from other European community radio, telephone interviews, programme sharing,

. Discussions and talks with guests in the studio,

. Music mixes and live sets of European artists,

. Europe-Lounge ind the CORAX-club starting at 22:00 at night.

The general objectives of the project are:

  • Tto start and continue the political debate with European and regional politicians on the potential and the role of community radios in a European context;
  • To make sure to the listeners and to the editors of noncommercial local radios, that there is a European context which has a potential for cultural exchange and collaboration, co-production, multilingualism and media policy,
  • To encourage European networking of European community radios,
  • To work on a potentially sustainable forum for the European debate and exchange,
  • To work on a documentation of the variety of noncommercial, participatory radio activities in the European context as basis for a longer transnational and interregional cooperation.


We invite radio activists from whole Europe to contribute short productions or to participate in the live programme. Please send material on CD to:

 Radio CORAX

Udo Israel

Unterberg 11

06108 Halle



or mention URL with material, proposals to




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