“We’re in the radio business,” or, “We’re in the relationship business”

No weblog Hear 2.0, uma conversa com o guro do marketing Seth Godin que fala sobre o seu novo livro e o futuro da indústria da radiodifusão.

Em algumas passagens, Steth Godin assume uma postura negativa relativa à rádio em FM

“I think the answer to all of those questions has to be “no,” that traditional, terrestrial radio is a zero-sum game. In fact, it’s worse than a zero-sum game. It is clearly headed towards a dead end. There’s no dip ahead. There’s no breakthrough that’s going to occur”.

“But when I look at a typical radio station website, what I see is every radio station trying to do a slightly above-average job of building a radio station website.”

E sugere a transformação da relação com os ouvintes

“The other strategy is to have content that’s so compelling that large numbers of people tune in because it’s a hit.”

“Well, every time I turn off a radio station, because I get out of the car, because I’m done with something, it may very well be the very last time I listen to that station, because we know that every day, some people decide never to listen to the radio again because they’re going to replace it with something else. And the question I would ask someone who runs a radio station is, how are you going to get me back? Because if I turn you off, you don’t know who I am. You can’t come back and get me. I’m invisible.”

“And so, what I would do if I ran a radio station? I’d focus on one thing, say RSS feeds or email subscribers, and I’d say, “Tell me where you live. Every morning the traffic report will be waiting for you when you wake up.” Now, it’s easy for an old-time radio person to say, “That has nothing to do with radio,” and I would say that’s exactly right. What it has to do with is building relationships for the long haul with people who want to hear from you, and that’s the opportunity that every radio station has today that’s an advantage over every entrepreneur that doesn’t. “

Afirmando que a rádio é eminentemente local

“he advertises on radio on a local station because it pays for itself. And geography is what radio stations have going for them; they are local.”

E decretando o fim do negócio tradicional da música

“The business of it, the business of fairly anonymous labels, labels that have no brand, labels that have no connection directly with listeners, extracting 80, 90, 100 percent of the profit from the musician, that is clearly going away. (…) But when the cost of delivering music is zero, there’s not a lot of room left for anybody to extract money from selling the song itself.”

[Ler entrevista]

Destaco a parte 2 e a parte 7 onde se fala sobre a indústria da rádio e a indústria musical, respectivamente.

No capítulo 2, “Seth says radio is headed for a “dead end” – but he has a solution, if we’re bold enough to follow it.” [Ler] [Ouvir]

No capítulo 7, “Seth talks about the crisis in the music business, and what you need to sell when consumers aren’t buying what you’re trying to sell”. [Ler]


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